2022-23 Coastal Carolina Hockey Association Financial Aid Program

One of the many goals of the Coastal Carolina Hockey Association is to ensure every child with the desire, commitment, and ability to play hockey has the opportunity regardless of financial ability. To this end, we offer financial aid in addressing the financial needs of our players. Not everyone who applies will be eligible for an award; financial aid awards may only assist with the payment of program fees.

The following are not covered by Financial Aid and must be paid by each player:

  • Tryout Fees
  • Team tournament fees
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses
  • Jersey/team wear/team equipment

There are no exceptions to these requirements.

All applications must be received by the due date of June 30th, 2022.


The following items must be submitted as part of the Application Process:

  • Financial aid application
  • Summary page of most recently filed tax return. Please redact identifying information such as your Social Security Number; this page will be destroyed following the application and award process

Optional: Other situational factors that can be taken into account to assess need (i.e. medical conditions, hardship situations, dependent care, recent loss of job, etc.)

Each player receiving financial aid must meet and adhere to all guidelines set forth in the player financial aid request procedure and demonstrate dedication through consistent attendance at team practices and games.

In order to be considered for financial aid, this form must be completed in its entirety. Forms must be submitted to CCHA for processing and review by Financial Aid committee.

Financial aid awards are not talent based. Sibling awards are not automatic and must be requested by completing a separate application (attachments can be one set per family). Requests are not automatically approved; applicants will be notified by mail whether approved or denied. Please note that awards are approved and issued by the CCHA Finance Committee and not by our coaching staff. Additional information may be requested during the process.

For any questions regarding the Financial Aid process, please email the board at brodywelte@gmail.com

Financial Aid Application

    Player Information


    Mother / Guardian Information


    Father / Guardian Information


    Family Address




    I understand that applying for financial aid does not automatically grant me financial aid.
    My Signature below certifies that the above information is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.


    Attach Documentation Here

    We want the summary page for your more recent Tax return. This upload tool accepts, jpg, png, pdf, docx and xlsx. there is a size limit of 5 megs.